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In the summertime, the traffic around your house will probably increase when your children are out of school. This will usually lead to some wear and tear that is rather unwelcome. Here are some tips for cleaning your house in the summertime from Remember that here in Central Texas, it is “Summertime” most of the year!

You can set aside one day a week for heavy duty chores. Your children who are older can handle some of these chores such as cleaning the windows. You can fill a spray bottle with water and vinegar or use a commercial cleaner. Provide your older child with some old diapers or soft cloths and teach them the correct way to wash windows to ensure that they are free from streaks. Your children who are younger can help Dad and Mom wash walls, clean blinds, or turn mattresses. The key is to get them involved early.

One of the best ways to get your younger children involved with house cleaning is with chore charts. These can easily be made from poster board or are commercial ones are available. You can have each of your children’s names and chore listed a bulletin board. When they have finished their chore, they check off their chores. In addition, a gold star indicates a super job

Your children need to know that the bathrooms and bedrooms are their responsibility. You should let your children know that they should use the cleaning tools that you bought for them must be used before any recreational time after school. In order to reduce the clutter in their rooms, you can buy pencil holder and desk trays from any office supply store. To avoid any lost papers that cause a panic in the morning, the trays can be marked as completed homework and homework to be done.

Usually there are some significant crumbs from after school snacks that need to be dealt with. You should inform your children that when you come home from work, there shouldn’t be any evidence from their snacks lying around. There should be some large garbage cans lined with garbage bags available in your kitchen.

You should teach your children who are older that a portable hairdryer works really well for quick dust jobs such as cobwebs. However, it is also important to teach them about safety with electric devices.
Each week you can designate a certain time when the family can sit together in the den or in the kitchen and discuss the happenings at work and school. While this discussion is going on, everybody can be handling a chore like organizing a drawer, folding laundry, or polishing silver. recommends that you use colorful magnets to hold the really good pieces of artwork that your children bring home on the refrigerator. You need to determine the life span of each piece of artwork is and if it should or shouldn’t be saved in a box. You can use concentrated dishing soap to clean off the marks left by crayons when your children use your walls for a canvas.

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