San Antonio Movers Tips – Part 2

San Antonio Moving Tips

While packing for a move to a new location is something that everybody does at one time or another in their lives, it usually isn’t something that most people enjoy. However, learning the way to properly pack your household items such as your electronic goods, personal items, appliances, and furniture is necessary to ensure that these items arrive at your new location in good condition. Here are some apartment moving tips.

To pack beds you will need a plastic bag, some mattress covers or sheets, some large pads for foot-boards, and headboards, and some tape or rope.

So that you will know where they go when you arrive at your new location, disassemble the bed frames and mark all of the pieces. Tape or tie the frame rails together. Place all of the nuts, bolts, and screws a plastic bag and then tape the bag to the frame rails. Tie the large pads around the foot-boards and headboards if applicable. Cover your box springs and mattress with sheets that you don’t mind getting dirty or plastic mattress covers. During your move, you should leave your sheets on to protect the box springs and mattress.

To pack books you will need some small boxes and some tape. Because it will make them too heavy to handle, you shouldn’t pack over 30 pounds of books in one box. Fill in the smaller spaces in each box with paperback books. Every few books you should alternate the bindings in order to keep the stacks level in each box. Tape the boxes closed and label each box: BOOKS.

To pack dressers and bureaus you will need some large furniture pads and some rope. You should empty out each drawer partially and fill the remaining space with fragile, small items such as picture frames or clocks. Use some clothing to wrap the items that are delicate. Because it might damage the surface, you shouldn’t place tape on the drawers. Using the rope, securely tie a large furniture pad around your dresser or bureau.

To pack chairs you will need some furniture pads, some tape, and some newspaper or bubble wrap. Wrap the arms of chairs with newspaper or bubble wrap and tape it in place. Either cover the chairs with large, flat sheets or leave the slipcovers on. Then, cover your chairs with the furniture pads.

To pack your collectibles you will need some newspaper or Styrofoam peanuts, some bubble wrap, some medium and small boxes, and some tape.

Separately wrap each collectable with the bubble wrap and tape. Place some wadded up newspaper or Styrofoam peanuts on the bottom and layer in the wrapped collectables with wadded up newspaper or Styrofoam peanuts in between them. Place a final layer of wadded up newspaper or Styrofoam peanuts on top. Seal the boxes and label: FRAGILE – COLLECTABLES.

You shouldn’t pack or move items that are flammable. You should call the closest Environmental Protection Agency, fire station, or recycling center to learn how to correctly dispose of hazardous material such as gasoline, oils, solvents, and paints prior to moving.

To pack crystal and china you will need a considerable amount of patience, some newspaper, some bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts, some cardboard, some medium and small boxes, and some tape.

Place some Styrofoam peanuts or some wadded up newspaper in the bottom of a box and place some layers of bowls or plates on top. Then fill in the sides and the top with wadded up newspaper or Styrofoam peanuts. Leaving some space at the top of the box to be filled in with wadded up newspaper, layer some bubble wrap in between the items. Seal the box and label: FRAGILE – CHINA.

To pack teacups and glasses it is recommended that you wrap each teacup or glass with some bubble wrap and tape it. Place some wadded up newspaper or Styrofoam peanuts in the bottom of the box. Place the wrapped up glasses or cups upright on top. Place a layer of cardboard and another layer of packing material on the sides and the top. Keep layering in wrapped up glasses or teacups with Styrofoam peanuts until you have reached the top. Place a final layer of packing material on top, seal the box, and label: FRAGILE – CHINA/CRYSTAL.

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