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Proper packing and moving supplies are vital to protect your belongings.

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When it comes to moving, you want to make sure your most valuable possessions are safe and out of harm’s way. That’s why it’s important to pack your belongings in a way that prevents them from being damaged or broken.

Packing tips

Packing for yourself can be a great way to economize your move. To help you pack as efficiently as possible, San Antonio Moving Guys has compiled tips to make your packing experience easier.

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Whether you’re moving a few miles away or thousands of miles away, it’s important for you to pack your items in a way that keeps them safe.  At our moving company, we understand that you are extremely busy with finalizing your move.  That’s why we offer a wide array of packing and unpacking services that meets your needs. When you have our team of professionally trained San Antonio movers provide you with moving and packing services, you can rest assured:

  • Your valuables will be safe
  • You will save time
  • You will have a peace of mind
  • You will have a seamless moving process

Let our moving company show you the right way to pack your most precious items

Did you know there’s a certain way to pack your belongings? The last thing you need is for your fine china to be chipped or broken because of a botched packing job. Whether you have our SA moving professionals pack for you or you pack for yourself, it’s important to understand the elements of packing effectively.

Here is a list of packing tips to help you with moving day.

  • Always label your boxes by the contents they possess.
  • Always seal your boxes with duct tape or heavy duty tape to make sure they are secure
  • Always pack fine chine and delicate items in bubble wrap, towels and/or linens
  • Always label your delicate items: Top Load Only!
  • Never over pack your boxes
  • Never use newspaper to pack lampshades or fine china. The ink can stain  these items
  • Never leave a box unsealed



Item Price
Small Boxes (1.5) $  1.75
Medium Boxes (3.1) $  2.50
Large Boxes (4.5) $  3.00
X-Large Boxes (6.1) $  3.50
Wardrobe (24″) $14.00
(Rental Option) $11.00
Dish pack (5.2) $  4.75


Lock Bottom Boxes $ 1.75
1 pc 15x20x12x10 $  2.75
2 pc 15x20x12x10 $  3.00


Type Sheets Price
1/2 12″ x 125″ $14.00
1/2 24″ x 125″ $25.00
3/16 12″ x 300″ $30.00
3/16 24″ x 300″ $45.00


Packing Paper $25.00
Tape $  3.00

Moving supplies

Packing Kits:

So, you want to do your own packing? Let San Antonio Moving Guys help you take the guesswork out of ordering your supplies. We have composed estimated moving kits to fit your specific moving needs. Call and order your kit today! 210-863-6683

1 Bedroom- $50


  • 8 small boxes
  • 8 medium boxes
  • 1 large box
  • 2 tape rolls
  • 1 permanent marker

2 Bedroom- $70


  • 15 small boxes
  • 10 medium boxes
  • 3 large boxes
  • 2 tape rolls
  • 1 permanent marker

3 Bedroom- $150


  • 20 small boxes
  • 20 medium boxes
  • 5 large boxes
  • 3 wardrobe boxes
  • 2 tape rolls

4 Bedrooms- $215


  • 25 small boxes
  • 25 medium boxes
  • 10 large boxes
  • 4 wardrobe boxes
  • 3 extra large boxes
  • 4 tape rolls

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When it comes to moving and packing, you should follow these tips to ensure a seamless process. If packing seems overwhelming to you, don’t worry.  We have a staff of friendly and knowledgeable packing and moving experts who can provide you with simple tips and solutions on packing.  We also have a wide variety of estimated moving kits to help you with your move.

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When you need to move and need help with packing, don’t hesitate to call our moving company in San Antonio. From packing your valuables to moving your furniture, we can help. We offer a wide array of moving services that matches your needs and your budget.

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