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Here are some house painting tips for you. The summertime is the best season to put a fresh look on your house by painting. Here is Central Texas; “summertime” is most of the year. In order to obtain the best results, you need to properly prepare the surface prior to painting your house. Here is how to get your house ready to be painted.  This is obviously most important if you are selling your home prior to a move.

Prior to repainting your house, the wood surfaces must be in good condition, dry, and clean. You should repair and structural damage that might permit water to penetrate and also repair any damaged shingles, trim, or boards.

Using a paint scraper or stiff wire brush you should remove all blistering, peeling, or loose paint, and dirt. You need to remove the paint down to the bare wood where there is severe paint damage. Using medium grade sandpaper and then a fine grade of sandpaper, feather the edges of any remaining paint that is still sound. Use sandpaper to rough up any paint that didn’t adhere to the previous coat of paint. Prior to painting, very dirty or greasy wood, use a mild detergent to wash the wood, wash the wood off with a hose, and allow sufficient drying time.

If moisture is causing damage to the wood, you should apply a water repellent. After you have prepared the wood, prime with oil based primer coat, and then paint with two coats of high quality paint. Prior to sealing, you should treat the wood with a wood preservative if humidity and heat has caused the wood to deteriorate rapidly. You should brush on a primer coat on new or bare wood. In order to prevent the penetration of water, you should apply a clear sealer to the ends of all wooden boards to waterproof them.

With the exception of some woods such as Southern red cypress, that only needs to be sealed to prevent changes in color, cedar, and redwood, all wood should be stained or painted in order to protect it from the elements. You want to use a color of finish that closely matches the existing color of the finish. A four inch brush for wider work and a two inch brush for trim are usually best. You can use a nine inch roller for larger areas. For textured surfaces you should use a thick nap and for smooth surfaces use a fine nap.

For the best results in painting exterior surfaces, recommends the ideal temperature is between 50 degrees F and 90 degrees F in dry, fair weather.  You should stop painting prior to the evening dampness sets in and wait to paint until the morning dew has evaporated. You shouldn’t paint when the weather conditions are dusty or windy, especially if you are using a solvent based paint that is very slow to dry.

Remember that “curb appeal” is the first impression that a potential buyer will get of your home.

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