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Although packing for a move to a new location is something that everybody does at one time or another in their lives, it usually isn’t something that most people enjoy. However, learning the way to properly pack your household items such as your electronic goods, personal items, appliances, and furniture is necessary to ensure that these items arrive at your new location in good condition. Here are some apartment moving tips for you.

To pack small kitchen appliances you will need some medium sized boxes, some linen and towels and some newspaper. You should group your small kitchen appliances, such as toasters, blenders and other small household appliances such as telephones and vacuums two or three in one box.  You should use the newspaper to cushion the bottom of the boxes and then tape the boxes securely. In order to reduce waste, you can use old sheets or towels. Place the small kitchen appliances in the box and ensure that you have padded them adequately with some of the packing material. Place another layer of packing material on top of the box and then seal the box and write kitchen appliances on the box.

To pack mirrors and artwork you will need some boxes that are sized to fit each piece of artwork, some Styrofoam peanuts if you are packing any sculptures, some bubble wrap, cardboard, or newspaper, and some masking or packing tape.

To pack prints that have been framed, individually wrap each print in newspaper or bubble wrap and then place some tape around them. Place your print in a fitted, flat box. Should the print fit too loosely, lightly fill in the additional space with some wadded up newspaper. Then tape the boxes shut and place a label on each with a specific description, for example; Family fun in the tropics. When you arrive at your new apartment, being specific will help you organize your frames. To pack mirrors, place some masking tape across each mirror in the shape of an X as a precaution. Wrap each mirror in newspaper or bubble wrap and secure the tape around the edges and sides. Loosely fill any empty space with some lightly wadded up newspaper. Place the mirror in a flat box, seal the box and mark the box FRAGILE – MIRROR. You should always inform your movers when something is breakable or fragile so that they take additional preventative measures.

To pack original paintings that are framed in glass, place some masking tape in the shape of an X across the glass to prevent the painting from shattering if it should break. Cover the original painting with bubble wrap and tape it into place. Buy or locate a box that is somewhat larger than the original painting. Re wrap the cardboard box with bubble wrap if you are packing a canvas without any glass or frame. Tape the box closed. Then, purchase or locate a second box somewhat larger than the first box. You can guarantee that sharp objects won’t damage your artwork by double boxing the artwork during your move. Tape the box closed and mark the box FRAGILE – ART.

To pack sculptures you will need a box that is a minimum of one third larger than your sculpture, as well as some Styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap. Wrap your sculpture in the bubble wrap and place it in the box upright. Fill one third of the box with Styrofoam peanuts. Fill in on the top and all the sculpture with Styrofoam peanuts. Your sculpture need to be nestled in the center of the box without touching the sides. Tape the box close and on the outside clearly mark the box: FRAGILE – ARTWORK.

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